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Yahoo! Mail: All-In-One Email Service

Yahoo! is an online service which provides web-based email, news sites, photo storage, search engine and directory, and ad services. Yahoo! websites and portals are some of the most visited in the world so it is not surprising that it gets a lot of requests for the customer support service. It should be noted, however, that Yahoo! phone-based customer support should be bright and is not available for free. There are various options available in the market when it comes to internet-based email accounts. Yahoo mail has some features that aren’t found in all of the others, as well as some advantages over simply using an email software program just like Outlook or even mail program of your Mac.

Features of Yahoo Mail:

  • Accessibility: This is the main advantage of an internet email program and you can access your email inbox from any computer at any time. All you need to do is your login and password
  • Access other Email Accounts: Yahoo has an option that most email providers do not offer. You can check all your POP email accounts from Yahoo, by adding them there.
  • Multiple Yahoo Addresses: You can have more than one Yahoo email address assigned to your inbox. You also can set up filters to different folders or mark them with different colors for organizing them
  • Select the ‘From’ address: Since you can have email coming in from more than one email account, Yahoo makes you capable to select which email address you want to use in the ‘From’ friend.
  • Folders: You can set up folders keep your email organized. You can have mail filtered to go directly to certain folders, or you can move them there yourself.
  • Attach large files: Some email providers have limits on the size of files that you can send or receive through your account. Yahoo provides a means to shrink large files to send them out. You can send files up to 2GB with this feature
  • Unlimited Storage: Most Online email account provides you a designated amount of storage. These storage caps are ample for most users, but not all. Yahoo provides you unlimited storage emails and files in your account
  • All your Favorite apps: Your Calendar, Flickr photos, evite and various other famous online apps are listed just right alongside your Yahoo inbox. Theatre only a click away from you
  • Email Tabs: When you open emails from your inbox, they become tabs at the top of your inbox and this makes it easy to go back to emails which you have recently opened. Click on the appropriate tab
  • Yahoo Mail Plus: You can use all the features that are listed above with Yahoo’s free email account, but you can get even more just by upgrading to Yahoo Mail Plus, which has a small annual fee. With the upgrade, you can access you Yahoo email with POP email clients such as Outlook and you can forward your Yahoo mail to another email address. You will also be advertisement free on your account and providing a much cleaner look.

System Requirements:

Components Minimum Requirements Recommended
Processor PC with a 450MHz or faster processor (Intel Pentium II or greater) PC with 500MHz or faster processor
RAM 128MB 512MB or more
Sound Card 16-bit 16-bit
Operating System 2000/ME/XP/7 Windows XP or higher

Things You can do with Yahoo Mail

Security in your Hand

If you think that somebody might be using your Yahoo Mail account then, make sure to apply additional layers of security. Here are some signs that someone else might be using your mail: your friends/colleagues/partners/complain about receiving spam from you; There are emails in your Sent folder that you never sent; you send messages but don’t get any replies; Your account log shows storage login activity. To prevent any Yahoo Mail security issues, you can get in touch with the technical experts at

Try to Use 2-Step Verification

A password isn’t always enough for securing your Yahoo account, so be sure to set up 2-step verification. When you turn on this option then, Yahoo Mail will notify you by phone or just by another email address about login from a new device, and you will need to confirm it is you trying to access your account. To enable the 2-step authentication, click on your name that appears in the upper right corner of the screen and then click on the Account Info link, select Account Security and then, turn on the Two-Step Verification Feature.

Create a Secure Password

To make your emails not simple to hack and completely secure, make sure that you are using a secure password. You have to pay attention on the passwords with numbers and symbols for example, 0yt$xyz13h7j is hard to remember but very easy to hack with the help of various programs or applications. For safeguarding your account better, take from four to five random words and put them together. It is highly recommended to use a strong password that contains number, special characters, and letters that cannot be hacked easily

Use Yahoo Mail Account Key

Another excellent way for securing your Yahoo Account it to use the Account Key feature which allows you access your mail without entering a password. Yahoo will send a notification to your phone, and you will need to either approve or decline the request. For enabling this feature, click on your name appears in the top right corner of the screen, go to Account info and then, select Account Security. From there, you can appoint the device on which you want to be notified and enter your phone number.

Common errors of Yahoo Mail:

How do you sign in to Yahoo Mail?

  • Click on Sign in appears at the top of any Yahoo page
  • Enter your Yahoo ID and then
  • Choose to stay signed in and click on Next
  • Now, enter your password and click on Sign In
  • When you are done then, close the Windows

How to sign out of Yahoo! Mail Android?

  • Go to icon appears upper right corner of the screen
  • Select or click on that icon
  • Now, you will see your name and settings and help
  • Now, you are done with the process

    How to change Yahoo Mail Signature?

    • Go to the Settings icon and select Settings
    • Click on the signature to change or click on New
    • Enter/edit your signature text in the signature domain
    • Choose Accounts and click on your Yahoo account
    • Select Append a signature to the emails you send

    How to change the password on Yahoo?

    • Tap on the Menu icon and on Manage Accounts
    • Now, tap on Account info and tap Security settings
    • Enter your security code and tap Change Password
    • Tap I would rather change my Password
    • Enter the new password and tap on Continue

Yahoo Customer Care Service

Yahoo along with its features and security come with some technical glitches too. Because nothing is designed perfectly then Yahoo mail also comes with some technical errors. When you get stuck with any issue related to Yahoo or you have any queries regarding Yahoo login, installation, setup or configuration then, only one can help you “Yahoo Technical Support Service”. This service is rendered under the guidance of skilled professionals and technicians who are known for their certification from the well-known institutes. When you call on the Yahoo Helpline Number UK, you will get instant and reliable help regarding the resolution. Because Yahoo technical experts are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams are known for their high-tech knowledge so there are no such errors which cannot be fixed by them. Not only this, the technicians are also available for you through Live Chat it means you can get help from the LiveChat if you are not available for calls. The teams will help you to overcome the issue in the shortest time frame. When you call the support service, you will be assisted by a well-experienced technician, who firstly understands your issue and then do the favor to fix the errors. It is advisable to provide complete detail of the occurring issue so that they can help you in any manner they can.

The necessity of Yahoo Support Service

When you get stuck with any Yahoo technical error code, sign in issue or any other, then, do not try to resolve it on your own. Because you are from a non-technical background that means you are unknown to the technologies. When you call on the Yahoo Technical Support Number, you will get help from the well experienced and completely technology expert who will provide you the exact and reliable support. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. The expert will provide you exact troubleshooting steps for the occurring error so that you can fix it on your own. If you think that you cannot fix the error even after the given troubleshooting step then, just grant permission to the technicians to get access to your device. Don’t worry, the expert only has access of the resolution area so they will not get into your personal files or folders. They will start working on the resolution after getting the access. When they are done with fixing then, they will call you back to know if the problem is fixed at your end. You can ask the reason behind the occurring error so that you can avoid them in the future. Also, they will never ask your private or bank details so if you are asked for these details then, just disconnect the call and call on the Yahoo Helpline Number +0800-014-8991 to get reliable and instant help.