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Hotmail is the best email service that provides you the best to interact with others across the world. This email service not only comes with outstanding features but it is also safe and secure to use. One of the best benefits of using Hotmail is that it is the best way through which you can interact with your own family, friends as well as other people you wish to chat with. The user interface is definitely pleasant that you might easily get across on the page. It features the highest information procedures that you could quickly set up folders, delete and modify emails and folders too. Through the “sweep” option, you can maintain your emails and folders by way of grading it to at any place in which you place it. You might also connect your account to Microsoft Outlook once you can download all your emails. It also provides an enhanced spam filtering where messages just before typing inside your inbox are quickly filtered. You can reach the Hotmail Technical Support UK for any queries regarding the official website to stay protected from the fake one.

Hotmail Junk Mail Features

This Junk Mail Features is designed specifically by keeping spam and scams in mind. Nowadays, the truest spam, ads and pop-ups come-ons-gets caught before it ever gets to your inbox. But, you still get semi-spam messages: Newsletter which you signed up for, but after that, found were not that useful or coupons from a store which you no longer shop with. Just with a little work, you could get how to unsubscribe, but the Sweep feature of Hotmail makes evicting them from your inbox much simpler and easier. You locate over the sender of a message and can select to delete all messages, past as well as future, from that sender or, automatically move them to various folders, if you want to keep them, but do not want them cluttering your inbox.

Features of Hotmail


Hotmail service is not only known for its security but it is also known for its security tools. It means not only you but Hotmail also works to keep its client safe and secure from the fraud, scams, and spam. The A-level security feature is finally here in Windows Live Hotmail. It was there before, but only while ‘logging in’ for saving the users' credentials from a phishing attack. Now, HTTPS is coming in Hotmail for the whole session, i.e. for logging in and browsing emails.

View, Edit and Share Office DOCS

Now, you can access free Microsoft office web apps for viewing, editing, and sharing office docs without downloading it on your PC. Just email any document or PowerPoint presentation to yourself. Open this document anytime and anywhere because the document is available in Hotmail could, there is no need for your own computer for opening it. When you save your changes it automatically gets saved on Skydrive.

Real-Time Document Collaboration

If you and your friend want to work on the same document simultaneously, then, you can do this simply in the new Hotmail. Just click on the file that should be available on the Skydrive of the sender of the document, to view it online. While editing the file, you can see the persons editing the file at the bottom right-hand corner. You can quickly check the changes made by the team members and do accordingly.

Send Large Files

Integration of Hotmail with Skydrive makes it possible to send up to 10 GB files in a single mail. The file is hosted on the Skydrive service that provides you 25 GB of free space. Once you send the large or huge files over email, the recipient only receives the URL of that file. When the recipient clicks on the link he/she can download the file and it isn’t essential for the recipient to have a Skydrive account to download it.

Send and View Images

Hurray, this is the best feature of Hotmail through which you can enjoy this email service. It can be used to attach a huge and large number of images appears in the mail. All the images get uploaded to Skydrive and the recipient receives a link. You can view an interactive slideshow of images and download them on your computer (no Windows Live ID needed) and also add comments to them (Windows live ID needed).

Hotmail Active Views

People can send video links, Flicker images in the email. For watching them, open the link in a new tab or a window. But the new Hotmail automatically identifies the link and adds a description and thumbnail, and allows you to view the video appears right inside the email interface. It’ll support Hulu and YouTube service to start with. You can view Flicker photos and start a slideshow within your inbox easily and conveniently.

System Requirement:

Windows 10

  • Latest OS: Make sure you are running the advanced version
  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB or 64- bit
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32- bit OS or 20 GB for 64- bit OS
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

List of Common Hotmail Errors

How to create a Hotmail account?

  • First, go to the official website of Hotmail
  • Click on create an account and your email address
  • Enter a password and click on Next
  • Enter your first and last name and select your country
  • Now, follow the on-screen instruction to finish the process

How to access Hotmail Account?

  • Click on sign-in appears in the middle of the page
  • Now, enter your Hotmail email address and Next
  • Enter your password and type your account password
  • Now, click on Sign in to get access to your account

    How to Find an Email password for Hotmail?

    • At Hotmail log-in page, click on Forgot password
    • Now, click on “Reset Password” link
    • Click on the “Password Retrieval” Form
    • Fill the form for recovering the password
    • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process

    Resolve the Epson Error Code 0x97

    • Go to the Recover your Hotmail account page
    • Enter your Email address & Phone number
    • Recover your verification code and enter Code
    • Click on Next and enter your new password twice
    • Click on the Change Password

Hotmail Customer Support Service

Apart from the above-given issues, there are some more setup and configuration procedures that get you stuck. For that, you have to call on Hotmail Helpline Number UK for instant and reliable help. The Hotmail customer service is rendered under the guidance of skilled professionals certified technicians. The teams are well-experienced and well-known to all the errors and issues so there are no such errors of Hotmail that cannot be resolved by them. The customer support teams are available 24x7 to help you best in any manner they can. The experts are known for excellent service which they provide to the customers and assure the complete satisfaction of clients. When you call the customer support service then, a well-experienced technician will be allotted to you to get the resolution of the error.

Some of the Hotmail Issues resolved by Technical Teams

  • Hotmail configuration issues
  • Issues in receiving or sending emails
  • Missing email as well as spam email issues
  • Blocked Hotmail emails accounts errors
  • Hotmail error codes and basic related issues

If you are experiencing any issue with the above-mentioned issues, then you have to just call on Hotmail Support Number UK from anywhere around the globe. You can access your tech services anytime as they are available all the time. Apart from this, they always take care of rendering our services at a reasonable process so that you can resolve your Hotmail errors at a suitable time. The technical experts are well-read and the team members of the organizations are technically advanced so there is no issue for them to resolve the errors that have become a barrier in your Hotmail email account usage.

Why one should need a Customer Support Service?

When you get stuck with any of the Hotmail errors then, it is advisable to get in touch with the technical team for instant resolution. Because you are from the non-technical background then there is no such error that you can fix on your own. As said, nothing is designed perfectly so Hotmail also comes with some technical errors too. When it comes to technical errors then, you must have a technology background to get the resolution of the errors. If not, then do not try to resolve the error on your own because doing this might get the situation worse than previously. For that, call on Hotmail Helpline Number UK to get instant and reliable help. When you call on the given number an expert comes to you and firstly listen to your problem which you are facing with your Hotmail. After that, the expert finds the reason behind the issue and then, working on it to fix the issue. It is advisable to grant permission to the technician to get access to your device so that they can provide remote assistance to fix the issue. When they are done, they will call you back to know if the error is fixed on your own, you can know the reason behind the issue so that you can avoid it in the future. One more thing, they will not ask you any of your private or bank details and they only have access to the issue area so they will not get into your personal folders or files. You can also get connected with the technical expert via LiveChat. They are also available here all the time to help you.